field data collection and data visualization

Netofidea brings together data, systems, and people for a digitally connected business. Get all the information you need, centralized in your office through field data collection.

Field data Collection is a tools that will help you engage with your field area. It is able to collect data, monitor performance, tracking your goals, or event gathering massive public information that you need for your business.

All those information will be send back to your office at the same time, being processed and visualized immediately with Data Visualization tools.

Case Studies

Philip Morris

Build on Friendly devices

Friendly devices enable data collection including numbers, pictures, video, or even geo location. Yes, you can get more precise information with all those data types and you can send to your office right away.

No Network Coverage?

Field Data Collection tools designed to be accessible online and offline. This could help you when you are in remote area with no network coverage.You can still use these tools to track, monitor and collect data without internet connection. The data that collected will be saved locally and immediately transferred to your office once you reach the network coverage.

See your business in Higher view

Assumptions can be fatal! Netofidea allows you to see your business performance in higher view driven by actual data, not by assumption. With Netofidea, it is now faster and easier to make a business decision. Build on friendly device, you can drive your business in fun experiences anytime, anywhere.

Continues Improvement

These tools has no end. It will continue to improve along with new technologies in the market. Either its a new devices capability or new system capability, new technologies can possible be adapted into these tools. We won’t let you keep doing work in oldest way.

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