“No development begins without a good idea base. Primary service is the idea while software code is the delivery method..”

mobile e-commerce

Since early 2011, Netofidea has been helping Hartono Elektronika to transform their business from a simple online shop into one of the top e-commerce in Indonesia. Transforming a simple online website into a complete e-commerce system with complementary apps for Android and iOS.

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Field Data Collection and Data Visualization

Netofidea brings together data, systems, and people for a digitally connected business. Get all the information you need, centralized in your office through field data collection.

Advance VR and AR Visualization

Get ready to immerse yourself with our advanced VR and AR visualisation. Our advanced VR and AR visualisation lets you experience anything, anywhere. You can walk through inside and outside the apartment building, find the best city-light view for your bedroom’s window or check your kitchen set appliances. You can even check the units availability in real-time without calling your agents.

Tailor Made Solution

Each customer is unique. Netofidea provides the answer to highly individual customer needs and industry- specific applications. You name it, we make it!

100% designed and build as what you want. Suitable for you with special requirements or specific purpose. We will provide you with an effective and efficient solution

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