Netofidea is a company run by professionals who have worked in various companies and obtained various achievements. Professionals with eyes on details. Professionals who are willing to offer a hand. Professionals to assist you throughout the way. Most importantly. professionals with over a decade of experience....

We have what it takes to get you there

With 15 years of experience in the field, Netofidea has what it takes to meet our customers’ demands in every way. We specialised in keeping data organized and providing a smooth user experience even when other applications looked like a kindergarten drawing boards. Supporting that experience is a team of fresh brilliant minds, energized and ready to turn ideas into products. Further out, we have our partner companies who work to support us whenever we need it. We are always ready to turn your idea into a reality.

We share the risks and opportunity

Customers are partners. We value our partners and are happy to share the risks together. We provide low budget IT, revenue sharing IT, IT outsourcing and turnkey IT solution.

Job Seriously

Netofidea has signed contracts with top tier companies from different industries on various projects. It is a simple testament to the fact that we deliver on our commitment. We work with proven methodology, enthusiasm, and passion for quality, which all contribute to our project successes.

Go further with User Experience

When we build something, we always includes our sense to deeply understand about your main goal and main target. Try to see the challage from your perspective and presented in one solution, which will have closely same user experience as you expected (or even further).

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